The Method That Will Change Your Life

How did Helen Roberson
manage to learn English to perfection in 30 days.

Find out why learning English in 30 days is entirely possible.

You already know why the system Language3Days can change what you thought to be impossible. And now we want you to meet Helen Roberson and read her amazing story. Most probably, you already have been in a situation where a problem seems to be impossible to tackle. That's how Helen had been feeling for years when it came to learning English. What has changed now is the fact that this woman with newly adopted confidence has become such a fluent English speaker in only 4 weeks, that her life had taken on a completely different direction...

The story you're about to read now proves that in order to learn English to perfection you don't need to:

  • spend years attending expensive English classes
  • spend a fortune on an online English course
  • spend thousands of hours trying to memorize by heart new words

How did Helen Roberson
manage to learn English to perfection in 30 days.

My boss told me I am about to be fired!

To put it more precisely, he said that if I made the same mistake once more, he would throw me out. From this moment on, the fear that I will be sacked governed every action I took. And by mistake he didn't mean that I was stupid. He meant that I had to learn to speak an write in English within 1 month since I was responsible for the conduction of business with a Canadian company. Full of real Canadians who spoke so fluently and so fast! So the following weekend, paralyzed with the fear of being dismissed, I started searching online for the best and fastest course in English one could take. Unfortunately, all of the options were a lot more time-consuming that it would have saved me. That is how I found out about the system of a prof. Gavronsky and Language3Days.

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What surprised me was that the period for learning the language was significantly shorter than with that of a course. On the other hand, the price was at least 10 times lower than that of all courses. Moreover, only this method guaranteed that a person can learn English within 4 weeks. It was kind of too good to believe though. Since had no other options, I decided to order the cards Language3Days online and see what happens.

What was important to me was to start studying the language as soon as possible. I wanted to show my boss what I really can do. I was very lucky because I could order the system Language3Days online and get it in several days – and the delivery was free, too! We were about to start working with the Canadian company in less than 40 days. The smallest mistake on my part would mean I would be left jobless.

Thanks to language3days this didn't happen. Two months later I was offered the position of a manager. You know why? Because the current manager didn't speak English. Ten days after I had started studying English with the system Language3Days I knew that was a amazing method, so I bought the same package for learning Spanish. Three months passed and I was already speaking and writing in two new languages. I got a new salary and another promotion. What happened to the previous manager? I gave him a special, practical gift - language3days :)

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You, too, can change your life! The only thing you should do is pick the right method for learning languages. No need to hesitate! You know why? Because:

  • in 10 days you will be able to read and understand English
  • in 2 weeks you will reach intermediate-advanced level
  • your professional qualification will improve greatly – new job propositions and a higher salary will be only part of the benefits
  • when you communicate with foreign people you will be able to talk to them and impress them and everybody around

Why until now learning English has been so hard?

The method we are talking about here is based on the whole brain synchronization strategy(English: Whole Brain Synchronization).
If done right this method leads to:

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With each day, your concentration and memorization capacity will grow - just like a muscle. It is entirely up to you what level you will be satisfied to stay on. Have no fear – the only thing you should do is enjoy the ride.


Due to the synchronization of the two brain hemispheres you wouldn't have to think about studying all the time, neither will you have to repeat the same words over and over again. Thanks to the this powerful learning technique developed on the basis of associations that effortlessly work within your subconscious, you will never have to search for a word in your mind – every word you need to use will come to you quickly and with ease.

The last element of great significance to the effectiveness of this system is its simplicity. What we mean is that you get fun and pleasure form using the set of specially designed cards for learning English and whole learning process takes care of itself. You can use the cards anytime and anywhere! Every card with a word or phrase is so designed that it creates an immediate association within specific context within the brain. With this revolutionary system you will not need effort, willpower, and years of studying to memorize words and become fluent in English. The learning happens naturally and lightly - it is the proven most effective and easiest way to learn any language fast and with pleasure.

Thanks to all that your brain acquires new information on its own – without tedious repetitions or writing the same word all over 20 times. Moreover, this method counts on another 2 resources to ensure the words remain in your active vocabulary. The result is that your brain constructs various associations, allowing you to remember new words 5 times more quickly.

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Moreover, the process of forgetting is delayed 5 times. All of this is possible because your brain has already developed a very resilient and long-lasting system of associations connected to a certain word or expression. In short, your brain is somehow unable to delete this knowledge from its software!

Most people who used this system said they managed to memorize even very difficult words and phrases with ease and never forget them! It 's enough to use this technique for 3 weeks in order to become fluent in English!

All of this is gathered in one system called language3days. Do not forget that this is the only system in the world developed on the basis of the knowledge of The Phenomenal Polyglots.

Using language3days

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This formula can soon be called: the most effective method ever created for studying foreign languages. Its effectiveness has been tested not only by our Helen but from thousands of people all over the world. Here is what they think of the system:

To be studying any language with such ease is a pleasure!

I've always dreamed to live in London where I spent my honeymoon several years ago. I didn't thought it was possible to learn English at the age of 50 though! Thanks to the cards language3days in 30 days I was able to speak English so fluently that I decided to go visit London for a month staying with a friend of mine who is living there. I had no problem having a conversation with her friends, with the people at restaurants, and at the market. It was amazing!

Sarah, London

A certificate is just a piece of paper

Who needs to attend a language course when they can learn any language at home with the system language3days? With this technique you can not only choose a degree of difficulty with a wide range of new words, but also can learn English to proficiency without leaving the comfort of your own home – which means without any inconvenience or stress! No certificate can possibly guarantee that you will speak any language fluently. What they do is indicate that you have taken a course. What you have learned and what your abilities are – this is and always be up to you.

Michael, Vancouver

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Immediate results

For 5 years I have been trying to learn English so that I had a better chance for promotion.. I tried everything – from courses in famous language schools to tutorials, to private lessons – to no avail! Only the cards language3days proved to be the right learning method for me! I could see immediate improvement in my verbal and written skills even during the first week. I could participate in a conversation and I could write emails. It's as though my brain is absorbing the words like a sponge!

Marry, Amsterdam

Very easy to use

I knew very well then that my not knowing English was a significant impediment on my way to professional development and success. When I learned English with the help of these interactive cards, I was offered a new position at the company. Now I am the person responsible for the communication with almost all of our foreign affiliates and clients. My salary has almost doubled and finally I am beginning to lead the life I want and also I am able to take better care of my parents.

Tom, Milan

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Most probably you would never find another guarantee as this one!


We insist that our customers are fully satisfied with their purchase that is why when you order the cards language3days you get a 30 day money back guarantee. Every customer that used he cards language3days according to the instructions and somehow did not learn to understand and speak English at a level sufficient to have a conversation, will be fully reimbursed for the purchase they made. All you have to do is send your claim via email.

Why do we believe that this guarantee is so important?

Our experience and analysis point to the fact that in order to have a successful business you don't need to invest millions in the advertising your product. The key to success is and has always been the product itself. That is why we invested a lot in the quality of the interactive cards language3days. That is how we came up with a method that I based on both scientific metrics and understanding of psychological processes.

You don't need this method? Well, then most probably you already speak English fluently. But if you don't, don't you think that it's high time you got a promotion, started earning more, traveled the world, as Helen did? After all, it is all up to you.

I wish you luck!

Marketing and Sales Manager

The method Language3Days is based n the natural predisposition of the brain to collect and store new information.

To order the set of cards Language3Days via this website you have to press the button Order now and then fill in the order form that will open. Then you will receive a confirmation email that we have got your order and it's being processed. You don't pay ANYTHING in advance. Within 1-5 days the set of cards will be delivered to the address you indicated in the order form and then you will pay for them. The price includes VAT and all taxes! And the delivery is free, too!

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What is the best price on which we can order the method language3days?

Most probably, you know that such a system is the result of many years of researches, development, and tests, done by some of the world's most outstanding neurologists and linguists. A system like this, based on the knowledge and experience of professors fluent in more than 60 languages, can't possible be cheap. And it shouldn't be.

The great news is that today on your first visit to this site you can order the method on a promotional price! If you decide to buy the method today, you will benefit from today's special price!

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